Manchester City are interested in the transfer of Sadio Mané, the club’s top scorer who left the club in the summer. The player has a contract with the club for two more seasons, and the club has already offered him a new contract.

The player has already said that he wants to leave the club, and he has already shown that he is not going to be satisfied with the position of the club leader. He wants to play for a team that can challenge the leaders of the Premier League, and this is what the club is not able to offer.
The transfer of the player will be a good opportunity for the club to strengthen its position in the Premier league. The club has a number of players who can be used in the attack, and Mane is one of them.
However, the transfer will be difficult for the team, because the club needs to strengthen the defense, and it is unlikely that it will be able to buy a player who will not be able play in the defense.
In addition, the player has also expressed his desire to leave England. He has already stated that he would like to play in a European club, because he wants a chance to show himself.
At the moment, the players of the team are not in a good mood, because they have not been able to achieve their goals for a long time. The team is not in the best shape, and they have to find a solution to this problem.
It is obvious that the club will not buy a new player who is not ready to play, because it is clear that the player is not the right choice for the defense of the position.
Therefore, the team will have to use the transfer fee to buy new players who will be ready to take part in the matches.
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Manchester United are interested not only in the transfers of players, but also in the strengthening of the squad. The players of United have already said they want to leave their club, but they have no other choice but to do this.
This is why the club wants to buy Sadio from Liverpool. The transfer of Mane is another good opportunity to strengthen Manchester United. The main goal of the Red Devils is to win the Premier Leagues, and so far they have achieved this, so they will not stop at this. The squad of the Manchester United is not strong enough to achieve this, and therefore the club does not have a chance of winning the title.
If the club manages to win this title, it will have the following advantages:
1. The club will be in a position to spend more money on the players.
2. The team will be more likely to win matches. It is obvious, because in the current season the team has not been in a very good shape.
3. It will be easier to achieve the transfer.
4. Man United will be stronger in the long run.
5. This will allow the club not to spend money on other players. The current transfer of Rashford is another proof of this. He is a good player, but the club cannot afford to buy him.
All this will help the club achieve its goals.
Will Manchester United be able not to win another title?
The current season of the English Premier League has already demonstrated that the Red devils are not able not only to win, but to keep their positions in the elite division.
For this reason, the main goal for the players is to finish in the top-4. However, the current position of Manchester United does not guarantee them a place in the Champions League zone.
As a result, the Red Devil’ squad will have a difficult time in the domestic championship. The last time the team finished in the 4th position was in the season 2000.
So far, the last time that the team managed to finish at the 4rd position was the season 1993, when it finished in 3rd position. This is another evidence that the current team is very unstable.
Now, the situation is even worse, because this year the team is in a bad shape. The Red Devils have not won a match for a whole season, and their position in La Liga is not good.
They have not managed to get into the Champions league for a number years.
That is why it is obvious how difficult it will become to win a place at the Champions club.
Moreover, the Manchester City is also interested in Mane, and now the player of the Citizens is ready to leave his club. The situation in the club at the moment is not very good, and many leaders of Manchester City are not happy with the current situation.
Another reason for Mane’ departure is the failure of the players to win gold medals. The problem is that the squad of Manchester is not as strong as it was in previous years. In addition, many leaders have not played for a year and a half.

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