The main thing for the club is to strengthen the positions of the leaders.
The summer transfer campaign has been quite successful for Real Madrid, as the club managed to sign a number of players who have already been mentioned above.
In the first part of the season, the team has been able to improve its position in the standings, but it is still far from the first place.
However, the main goal for the team is to get closer to the Champions League zone.
This is why the club will try to strengthen its positions in the following ways:
1. New signing
2. Recruitment of a new goalkeeper
3. Improving the position of the first team
4. Transfer of a good player
5. New transfer campaign
The first two ways are the most popular ones, but the club has already managed to strengthen them.
Among the new acquisitions, the most important are:
· Karim Benzema;
·2 Cristiano Ronaldo;
3 Pepe;
4 Ramos.
All of them have already managed the first game of the new season.
After the failure of the previous season, Real Madrid is trying to show a new and more confident style of playing.

The team has already started to show good results, so it is quite possible that the new campaign will be even more successful.
What are the main problems of the team?
Real Madrid has a long list of problems, which are quite obvious to the fans.
1 – The lack of motivation of the players.
2 – Lack of experience of the main stars.
3 – Lackadaisical and undisciplined style of play.
4 – Lack a good selection of players in the team.
5 – Inaccurate and unsuccessful tactics.
These are the reasons why the team does not manage to show the desired results.
It is also worth noting that the team’s main rivals of the Spanish championship are Barcelona and Atletico.
Will Real Madrid be able to challenge the leaders of the La Liga table?
Barcelona and Atletico have a lot of advantages over Real Madrid.
They have:
* Better players;
*3 better coaching staff;
5 more experienced players.
However the main thing is that the Catalans have a good squad, which can be considered as a real “bundle of strength”.
Real is still the main contender for the title of the most powerful club in the world, but this is not the only thing that makes it a real contender for victory in the domestic arena.
For example, the following factors can be mentioned:
• Lack of motivation;
•2 lack of experience;
7 unsuccessful results.

The results of the current season can be divided into two groups.
Group A
The Catalans managed to win the first two matches of the championship, but in the last matches, they lost a lot.
At the same time, they have a number 1 position in La Liga.
Despite this, the Catalonians have a high chance of winning the champion title.
One of the reasons for this is the fact that the game of their rivals is quite unpredictable.
Many of them are not able to show their maximum, which is why they lose points.
Also, the results of Atletico are not that good, but they have already won the Champions Cup.
Therefore, it is very likely that the “Real” will be able not only to challenge Barcelona and “Atletico”, but also to win gold medals in the Spanish league.
Where can fans see the game live?
There is a live stream of the game, which will allow fans to follow the events in real time.
There are a lot more interesting matches than the one of the Champions league, so the fans will be the first to learn about the results. However, the live stream will be available only to those who have a stable Internet connection.
If you are not sure whether you can watch the game in your country, you can always use the Internet portal of sports statistics.
Here, you will find information about the most interesting matches, as well as the schedule of upcoming events.
You can always follow the results on the website of sports analytics, where the information is updated in realtime.
Who will win the title?
This year, the fight for the champion’ title will be very interesting, because the Catalonian team has a good chance of victory.
Of course, the competitors of Real Madrid will try their best to stop the Catalons’ progress, but even the ‘Barcelona’ will not be able to win all the matches alone.
Another advantage of the Catalona team is the experience of its leaders. They have already played in the Champions cup, so they know how to play in the international arena. This will be especially important in the matches against the ”Atletico” and ”Barcelona” teams.
Moreover, the leaders have already showed good results in the national championship.
So, the ’Real’ team will be a real favorite of the fight in the fight to win a place in the top 4.

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