The Brazilian has already left the ​​Barcelona ​​camp, but the club is still trying to find a suitable replacement for the player who has left the team.
The transfer window has already begun, and the team has a lot of interesting tasks ahead of it.
Among them is the signing of a new goalkeeper, as well as the acquisition of players for the attack.
However, the main priority for the team is the strengthening of the defense.
In the current season, the team managed to finish in the top-4, but it is not clear whether it will be able to compete for the title.
This is why the club has to find new solutions for the defense, as it is clear that it is going to be very difficult to compete with the leaders of the standings.

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Latest results of the team
The current season of the Spanish championship has been quite eventful for Barcelona, as the team lost a lot and managed to miss the playoffs.
Despite this, the Catalans are still considered one of the main favorites of the tournament.
Therefore, the club will try to win the title, but this will not be easy, as many of the leaders are quite old and have already won it a number of times.
There is a good chance that the team will miss the Champions League, but not the Spanish Cup.
Moreover, the fans will be happy to see the team in the Champions league again, as this will be a great opportunity to see Messi and Suarez in the main stage of the competition.
Of course, the latter will be the main player of the club, but other players will also have an important part in the team’s success.
Barcelona’ fans will definitely have a lot to cheer about, as they will see the return of the legendary Messi and the legendary Suarez.
What are the team’s chances of winning the Spanish cup?
Barça has a good opportunity to win a lot, as there are several leaders who have already been to the Champions Cup finals.
Thus, the following players have already reached the semifinals of the cup:
1. Messi.
2. Suarez.
3. Busquets.
4. Rakitic.
5. Costa.
6. Isco.
7. Llorente.
8. Lautaro.
9. Can.
10. Sanchez.
11. Alba.
12. De Jong.
13. Benzema.
14. Semedo.
15. Modric.
16. Bale.
17. Kroos.
18. Aubameyang.
19. Messi and his partners.
20. Neymar.
21. Cavani.
22. Iniesta.
23. Xavi and his partner.
24. Ronaldo.
25. Sergio Ramos.
26. Pique.
27. Chicharito.
28. Alonso.
29. Ramos. Andres Iniesta and his team. The list of the players who have reached the finals is long.
But the team still needs to strengthen the defense and find a new striker.
These are the main tasks ahead for the club.
Will the team be able win the Spanish title?
Of the teams that have already played in the finals, Barcelona has the best chances of victory.
For this reason, the Catalan club has already started to strengthen its defense, which is quite weak.
At the moment, the Barcelona defense is quite strong, as its leaders are:
* Busquet;
* Lautar;
* Can;
and Rakiti.
All of them have already managed to score a lot in the Spanish Championship.
As a result, the players of the Barcelona team have a good understanding with the team leaders, as can be seen on the statistics of the game.
Also, the current team has an excellent goalkeeper, who can stop the shots of the opponents.
Another advantage of the Catalonians is that they are very good at playing in the Europa League.
They have already qualified for the group stage of this tournament, which will be very interesting for the fans.
If the team wins the Spanish League, it will have a great chance to win all the tournaments in which the team participates.
How will the team play in the EPL?
This season, Manchester City has already shown that it can be a real contender for the champion title. However, the Citizens have a number and a lot more to do in order to win it. For this reason they will have to play in a tough league, as their competitors have already shown.
Many of the best players of England have already left their teams, which means that the Citizens will have an extremely difficult season.
One of the reasons for this is the fact that the club does not have a real leader.

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