Liverpool’s first match of the season was a disaster. The Reds lost to Manchester City 2-0. Aguero scored a hat-trick and was the main star of the match. However, the team failed to create any chances and the result was a failure.

The team’ failure was not the only one. The previous match against Manchester United was also a disaster, too. The team lost 2-1. Aguera scored a goal and made two assists. However the team was not able to create many chances.
The main problem of the team is the lack of a leader. The club does not have a suitable replacement for Aguero, who is one of the best players in the world.
Who will be the main player of Liverpool on Sunday and what can we expect from him?
The match against City was not a good start for the team. The first goal of Aguero was not really a success. The player tried to score from a corner, but the ball was not on the goal line. The ball was in the penalty area, but it was not clear to the goalkeeper.
After that, the game turned into a rout. The players tried to get into the penalty box, but they were not able. Aguerona scored a penalty kick and the goalkeeper made a good save. However he could not prevent the ball from going into the net.
In the second half, the Reds started to play better. The game turned around and the team managed to score a goal. However it was a penalty shot by Aguero that was the decisive goal.
It is clear that the team needs a new leader. Aguela is the only player who can replace Aguero. However Aguela has a long way to go to become a leader of the club.
What is the future of the striker?
Aguela is a young player, but he is already a good striker. He has a good game, but there are still some problems with his game.
He is not able yet to score goals at a high level. Aguelo is a good player, however he has not been able to show his best game. The main problem is his lack of confidence.
Agoela has not scored a single goal in the Premier League for a long time. He is considered to be a good scorer, but not so good in the field.
However, he is still a promising player and he is able to improve his game and become a good leader of Liverpool.
Will Aguero be able to help the team?
It will be very difficult for Aguera to become the main striker of the Reds. The striker needs to improve a lot. The problem is that he does not show his full potential.
Many people consider Aguero to be one of best strikers in the history of the game. He scored over 100 goals in his career. However this number is not the best.
There are many other strikers who scored over 90 goals in their career. It is not easy to reach this number, but Aguero managed to do it.
All the best strikers of the past and present have the same number of goals. Aguyer is not a top scorer, however, he has a great game. It can be seen that he is a very good striker, but his game is not at the same level as the best ones.
You can always follow the progress of the player on the website of sports statistics. It provides information about the games of the players, as well as their personal statistics.
How to watch the match between Liverpool and Manchester City?
You will not miss anything important when you watch the live stream of the football match between the teams. You can watch the game in full screen mode, which is convenient for you.
Liverpool is a great team and it is very difficult to beat it. The fans are expecting a lot from their team and they will try their best to win the match against the Citizens.
Manchester City is a strong team, too, and it can be said that it is the main rival of Liverpool in the English Premier League. The Citizens have a great squad and they are able to play with the best teams.
If the team does not manage to win, it will be a disaster for the club and its fans.
Live score of the Manchester City matches
The Citizens have not won any match in the EPL for a very long time, so the team has not won in the league for a whole year. The last victory was in May 2018.
This year, the Citizens have changed their coach. Josep Guardiola took the position of the head coach of the Citizens, and he has been working with the team for a year.
Guardiola has a lot of experience in the national team, and this is a reason why he is being considered as a good coach.
During the matches, the City has a very balanced squad, which can play with any opponent.
Guardiola has a plan for the future, and the main goal of the new coach is to win gold medals.
City has a number of players who can become leaders of the squad in the future. The squad has a high number of young players, who are able not only to score, but also to distribute the ball.
They are able, in particular, to distribute it to the forwards and the wide players.

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